I’ve got loads of projects and things due coming up. Here’s a list of everything:

1) A restaurant logo for “Evening Rain”, a modern asian restaurant (due Tuesday)

2) A presentation on printing processes with coated papers, coatings, varnishes and special inks (to be presented on Tuesday)

3) An interactive, “live” website (due Friday)

4) A mid-term exam (on Saturday)

5) A paper evaluating 3 articles on research in design (due a week Monday)

After that, however, I’m pretty much free!! I have a couple of other things that will be due, but nothing like this week! And exam/Christmas break is coming up so fast… I can’t believe I’m almost done 1st semester!

Then I’ll have more time to work on this website (during the break). I’m sorry about the photos! Haven’t been able to post them yet. They will go up at some point, I promise.

Just got over a rotten stinking cold. Well, still getting over it, I just got over the worst part this morning. Thank goodness! Finally getting back into the “swing” of things.

Dad’s supposed to be showing mom how to post messages in here… I don’t know if he has yet or not *nudge nudge*.

I’m feeling a photo album update coming on… look out for one this weekend. Have some pics of Sweden that need to go up.

Joy invited me over for her Christmas dinner last night! She had it early because on Wednesday she leaves for Trinidad for 6 months and therefore will not be here for real Christmas. It was a lovely meal and I got to hang out with Kim for a while, which I haven’t done in a couple of weeks. Been so busy with the house!

Which reminds me, Sat. night Mike and I moved the computers and desks upstairs into the 3rd bedroom, and Sun. morning moved around the living room so it now takes up all the space down there (before it was squished with the TV, stereo, couches and computer desk). Looks good!

Finally got the gas leak fixed last Saturday. It’s been nice and cozy in the house since then, although, not as cozy as I would really like since we have to try to save energy and money! 🙂

So glad we got it done as the weather has taken quite a plummet in the past week or so. I’m not complaining – the crispness of the air is a nice reminder of winters past with trips to the shopping mall, bus rides, the warmth of home and the family of big holidays. And anyway, I choose to live in Canada, and since part of what makes up this country is cold weather, I’m happy to deal with it.

Can’t wait till I can go snowboarding this year! We’ll see if I’m any better at it now 🙂

My parents moved on Monday, so that’s it. Out of the country. It’s weird.

I’m pretty busy. Got plenty of homework and housework to do (that’s a bit odd, seems as though they should mean the same thing, since “house” and “home” are often each other’s equivalents… hmmm. *shrug*) but I’m enjoying school so it’s not bad at all.