My Land Girl Years


“We were a lively and energetic bunch of girls from all over Lancashire, and while some of us had a farming background, the majority did not . . . We were to get on well together.”

Local Lancashire girl, Vera, has written about her experiences as a Women’s Land Army girl during, and after, the Second World War.

Read about Vera’s volunteer work that began as soon as war was declared, as she became one of the first recruits to train at Hutton Agricultural College in 1939.

Born in Liverpool, Vera lived as a child in Blackpool and ended up on a farm in the Trough of Bowland.

This book tells a little of her childhood, a lot about learning to farm as a 17 year-old townie, and recounts the day-to-day on the three farms that Vera was eventually posted to.

In London, July 2008, Vera was one of the Land Army’s women honoured by Queen Elizabeth in person as a mark of thanks for all her efforts.

My Land Girl Years is a fascinating insight into the everyday lives of this army of volunteers that kept the nation fed during the depravation of war.

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Letter from Vera to the Blackpool Gazette, September 3, 2008

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