Presently in Stockholm and it’s a cold (about 1 degree C), but beatifully sunny weekend. I shall be here for the rest of this week.

The furniture is all in a container, on a ship somewhere.

Trish is in the UK, with her parents, also for the rest of the week. After that we are both back in our new house in the UK, sleeping on camping mattresses until “our boat comes in”, so to speak.

Hopefully now that everything is tidied up in Canada we can start to settle down a little, even though I will still be travelling a lot.

On the job front there is still some uncertainty where I will be spending most of my time – Sweden or Taiwan.

This side of the new year it will probably be about 45/45, with the other 10% or so in the UK (hopefully).

My next goal is to learn enough Swedish to at least get fed properly while I am here. After that I will have to work on my Mandarin????

That’s it for now I guess.






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