The furniture arrived this week, on Tuesday. By Tuesday evening the house was full, and I do mean FULL, of boxes. There was one room with enough floor space for the 2 of us to stand up in, and all the rest of the rooms were full / piled high.

We are now in the process of looking into 2 options:

a) buying a larger home, or

b) building on, or putting another house in the garden.

We did get our bed put up though so Trish thought she had died and gone to Heaven at bed time, as she finally got to sleep on a mattress again.

On Wednesday the movers came back to continue unpacking. They hardly got any unpacking done Tuesday – just concentrated on getting stuff into the house. By Wednesday evening all the furniture was unpacked, and they left, leaving us to do the boxes of our effects.

There is now room to squeeze around furniture, and there is a quite credible competitor to the Hampton Court Maze through the box piles.

First thing hooked up was the stereo, so now I can listen to some Beethoven to help relieve my stress from the mess.

Now need to buy some wardrobes to compensate for the lack of walk-in / built-in closets

Trish had to get out of the house for a break today – she has gone off to Wokingham because there is a market on there.

I am escaping all of this as I am off to Taiwan tomorrow (Friday), and back in a week on the Saturday. Then that Monday I go to Sweden until the following Friday.

With any luck Trish will have all this stuff put away by the time I am back.

By the way – it’s rained here for almost 2 weeks now. Today is sunny, but cold, so hopefully the rainy season is over (some chance). Oh what a grey day!

De Press Ing.






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