I’ve got loads of projects and things due coming up. Here’s a list of everything:

1) A restaurant logo for “Evening Rain”, a modern asian restaurant (due Tuesday)

2) A presentation on printing processes with coated papers, coatings, varnishes and special inks (to be presented on Tuesday)

3) An interactive, “live” website (due Friday)

4) A mid-term exam (on Saturday)

5) A paper evaluating 3 articles on research in design (due a week Monday)

After that, however, I’m pretty much free!! I have a couple of other things that will be due, but nothing like this week! And exam/Christmas break is coming up so fast… I can’t believe I’m almost done 1st semester!

Then I’ll have more time to work on this website (during the break). I’m sorry about the photos! Haven’t been able to post them yet. They will go up at some point, I promise.






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