Finally, got to use a computer! I am still using the library facilities and the library in the village has 1 computer and I am allowed 1/2 hr. So hope to get this done in that time.

Our furniture arrived last Tues. Ever since then I have been surrounded by boxes. The movers unpacked our furniture but there is nowhere to put anything, no closet space!!!! Consequently the more I unpack the more I am surrounded by “stuff”!!!!

Dave left for Taiwan on Fri. morning. He returns this Fri. All is well with him.

I am settling in, it is a lovely village with a very busy main road through it. However, we live on a quite road.

Today the sun is shining which is beautiful after lots and lots of rain, in this “Green and pleasant Land”! We have found a local church, Christ the King, the people seem nice as does the pastor, Fr. Gerard.

I enjoyed my visit with Mum and Dad. Bernadette’s boys were on holiday (half term) so that was good, we did a few things together (Blackpool illuminations, and the movies).

Will try and update this more often.






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