I am rejoicing because Dave got the computer set up at home so now I can go on line anytime I want (taking into account phone costs).

We are still trying to unpack although great inroads have now been made: our bedroom is box-free, as is the kitchen and this bedroom (the mini one); also the garage, which was a horror untill yesterday when we were able to unpack it all. I am going to have my laundry room out there. In order to do that, we first have to have a roof put on it. The one that is currently there is a makeshift affair of corrugated Asbestos with various holes between it and the walls!!!!

Still enjoying living here, I think! It is an odd place, takes a lot of getting used to again. I miss the shops in Canada, there was so much variety and you can get almost anything (unless it is English!). I find the supermarkets are o.k. They sell a huge selection of everything from wine to baby clothes and everything in between but not much choice of each item, well not as much as in Canada.

I miss Canadian wines, they are impossible to get here, it is all Australian rubbish!!!!

I miss not knowing what is happening in Canada, but at least now I can check out the C.B.C. website.

Meanwhile I am learning a lot about England through T.V. and wonderful newspapers. It was really amusing to us – when we left England 21 years ago, a chat show host here called Michale Parkinson had a popular show on late night Sat. T.V. Well, what do we find on our return but the same guy with the same chat show!!!!! Turns out he went off for a few years in between, but I thought some things never change!!!!!

Lots of actors and politicians here have bad teeth, it really shows on T.V. when they are talking, have no idea why they don’t do something about it, they have money.

Lots of people still smoke here, pubs are awful because of that. I miss the smoke-free environment in Canada.

Still my garden is wonderful and green because of all the rain!!!!!






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