Okay, Okay, so I got it wrong! There are a lot of choices in the supermarket, I think it is because I cannot find what I am used to!!!

Still raining!!! Today I went for a walk down a lovely country lane at the back of my house and what a mess someone has made of the hedges!! Apparently, nowadays, they cut them with a machine thing attached to a tractor. Well – it rips them to bits. In the old days, men would do it by hand and lay the branches ‘just so’ enabaling them to grow inwards on themselves thus forming safe havens for all the little headgerow animals and birds.They could teach the unemployed how to do it now and save the envirnment as well.

Dave is in Sweden this week, maybe I am missing him!

Unpacking is going well, dining room is almost usable with all the dishes unpacked. Also bedrooms are almost habitable.

I am becoming well-known at the local laundrette, having been there 5 times in 2 1/2 weeks. Quite interesting observing the people who use the place. Quite a number put all their washing in together regardless of colours. Maybe it is cost, cannot help thinking their clothes must be grey. Rather like the country!!! Ops!

It is nice when the sun shines. Actually tonight is a full moon and it is beautiful shining on the back garden (I guess there are no clouds!)






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