Sweden is now turning cold, and having been here since Monday all I have seen is light snow, grey skies and VERY early darkness (3:30 pm), though the snow is not sticking so it’s not even pretty at this point.

And to think, last week I was in Taiwan and 25ºC weather, with a quick 48 hours in the UK (just to wash off any tan I might have picked up) before hurrying off to Stockholm!!

The new news is that my job is apparently to change again in the new year. I have finally managed to get a home based job, and will be taking over all UK projects for our division at the end of January. That doesn’t mean that I will actually be at home (in Reading) but will at least be travelling around the UK during the week, and be home at for the weekends. Good eh? Though it probably means that I shall have to start helping unpack the boxes now (what IS taking her so long?)

Presently we have projects in London, Horsham, Leeds and the West Country, and are gearing up for work on the East Midlands lines (wherever they are), and we do the work for those largely out of Derby and Plymouth facilities. My home base will remain Reading however.

Time to go to the pub for a Svendrups now

slope da klop nip floop (or something like that).






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