Saw the Lord of the Rings exhibit on Sunday. It was fabulous… though it could have been better. If they’d put the exhibit on for a couple of months, to allow for more viewers, had guided tours and limited groups, it would have been better. Then they could have explained all the props, maybe described how they were made etc. Or maybe even had an in-character tour, so that it would feel like the middle earth of the stories had actually happened in our history!

At any rate, it was interesting, but we were herded through with hundreds of other people. Kind of took away from it all, and made it go faster than I would have liked. The sets they built for it were really good though, loved them. Needless to say, I’m now wetting myself in anticipation for the movie! *laugh*

Not much more to go school-wise. Almost done classes and tests and projects. I have to make a book for my last class next week, which should be interesting. Hopefully it’s not too hard.






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