This is Dave making an update for Trish – who is in hospital.

She is awaiting surgery at this point for a suspected appendicitis (I know – even the doctors find it hard to believe at her age).

We went to a pot luck on Sunday, and thought this was food poisoning when it came on Sunday evening. When it had not gone away, and was getting worse in fact, by Monday evening we decided to go to the Hospital.

Got there at 10 PM yesterday, and at about 2 AM they decided to keep her as they still were not certain what was wrong.

This morning she is on a ward and in the queue for weight loss treatment.

They will not totally confirm the problem until she is opened up – some talk of stones (gall bladder or kidney) as of last night.

They will take the appendix anyway, possibly, while they are in there – just for luck I suppose?

Watch this space for updates.







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