Dave again here with an update on Trish.

She had her appendix taken out yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon, about 12 noon.

By late afternoon she was back in the ward, in reasonable shape and happy to have her hands on a morphine self adiministration device (happy being the operative word). Very tired and sore, but coming round.

By the evening she was improving, and allowed to sip water, though very much in pain still.

Today, Wednesday, she is in much better shape. Hasn’t eaten a lot yet, and still in a lot of pain when she moves, but mending quickly at this point. She now has her own night clothes and is washing and “creaming” and starting to get back into routine things.

She is expecting to come home on Friday at this stage. She has to stay there to finish a course of anti-biotics as the appendix was perforated.

I’ve told her that everyone (on the email list) knows and she appreciates the mail she has received (but not yet seen) from everyone.

The next update will probably be from her.






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