I cannot beleive it!!! What do you say? I was carrying on merrily and suddenly WHAM!

For those of you who do not know, I was taken ill with an appendicitis on Sun, 24th Nov. I thought at the time it was food poisoning and it was only when I was still feeling very ill and in pain on Mon eve. that we went off to the Hospital. They treated me well although cheaply (National Health) i.e: fingers used to diagnose where and how much it hurts, and great details about how it started etc.

In the end they gave me a pain injection, antibiotics and kept me in over night. Early Tues. morning lots of men (some women) in suits came to have a look and prod and the head one (apparently it is some sort of status here if you are a surgeon or consultant and you are called Mr. not Dr.! Strange ways!) explained that they would open me up to have a look and would remove the appendix no matter what, as well as the source of the pain if it was something else.

All went well and a burst appendix was discovered, higher than normal trust me, so I have a huge scar healed together at the mo’ by staples!!!!!

More to follow






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