O.K. O.K. I was wrong again!!!! Dave hadn’t put the Christmas decorations in the loft. He had just put them in different boxes in a different room, so was able to find them. Not that I have done much with them!!! I am trying to tidy rooms so that some decorations can go up but it is a slow process!!!

Wrong again! Apparently, according to the district nurse, Oncology is cancer! No I do not have cancer and expect I was on that ward because it is where they had a bed. Everyone did have bladder and bowl problems though.

The district nurse came on Fri. and removed 40 odd(!!!) staples, the wound is healing nicely but I still have a pain in my lower left side from the Pleuresy.

We had a beautiful sunny day ALL DAY on Thursday so was able to dry some washing outdoors!!!! Since then dull and overcast and cool 4/5c.

My neighbour, Chris, has been lovely even though she is very busy. She does some errands for me and has given me her phone (cell) so I can call her if need be.

I am also getting a lift to church tomorrow, I cannot drive as yet.






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