The worst thing about this operation business is not being able to drive. I am starting to get cabin fever even though I can walk, I really enjoy driving where ever I want. However I am improving daily and feel great. I have even cooked, I made cottage pie from scratch yesterday and today I made an apple crumble, both for the freezer.

A couple of days ago I saw 3 deer at the bottom of the garden in the field, they were lovely. Although I know they can destroy my garden (the previous owner put up a high fence), they are still beautiful to look at.

Today was sunny all day!!! RED LETTER DAY!!! I loved it! Even got some washing dry outside. It was so nice to see the sun after 3 days of grey skies and drizzle. It was, however, very cold for here – not much above freezing and a strong wind; the house has been draughty all day, not like Canadian houses.

I started to put up some decorations, just a few, on the mantle and piano – it is begining to feel a little like Christmas.






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