Did I tell you about the robin? The other day I was sat in the t.v. room which has a huge patio door in it and this beautiful English robin perched on the plastic table temporarily stored on the patio outside the door. he cocked his head at me and then hopped right up to the door and looked directly at me. It was a lovely moment. English robins are smaller than their North American cousins, almost like a chickadee, and much more curious as a result they appear very friendly.

I am signed off by the nurse, Gillian, will no longer come to my house to change my dressing as it was removed this morning and my scar was pronounced almost healed!!! Thank goodness, I feel great. I must admit I went shopping yesterday, driving and everything, it was wonderful. I felt fine and was able to cope with driving. I was exhausted when I got home though. But I just had to do the shopping and what is more it was great to get out.

I have now entered the realms of old age!!!! I bought myself a shopping trolly on wheels!!!!! It is brilliant, why didn’t I get one before it saves the “Chimpanzee” arms when doing a long shop around town and is great to manouver, I did get some funny looks, I think the Brits need educating when it comes to “different” things. I think school kids should all have these trollys to carry their school books it would save a fortune in Chiropractors fees later in life.

After some cool crisp days we are back to rain!!!!

Dave will be home tomorrow, good I am getting fed up on my own.

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