We’ve all been quite busy here in England (yes, I’ve been here with my parents for just over a week now), and that’s why none of us have updated. I thought I would take it upon my self to make a Christmas entry.

After celebrating my Nanna’s birthday one Dec. 21st, we drove back from Lancashire to Reading on the 22nd with her and my grandpa. We’ve kept them hostage ever since and they’re not returning to their home until Jan. 4th (or something)!

Christmas day started early. We all got up around 9am and were opening presents by 10. We ate bacon sandwhiches and drank Champagne with orange juice in it, and finished unwrapping around 11. We all got some lovely things, and I’ll be sending out some thank-yous when I get home.

Since then, we’ve just lounged about the house mainly. I’ve gone into London with my dad to see a Star Trek exhibit, which was very interesting and informative. We then quickly went about London to see Tower Hill Castle, Tower Bridge, Westminster and Buckingham Palace. We also briefly looked around the shops in the morning, but I didn’t know what I was looking for, all the fashions are the same here as in Canada and about twice as expensive, and they were all packed with people going Boxing Day shopping.

This weekend, my parents took me shopping a bit and we’re going to see more shops tomorrow. I’m stocking up on British mags and chocs, as we those are really the only things you can’t get in Canada, before I leave for home on Monday.

I have lots of photos of my trip, so I’ll be posting them sometime soon.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a Happy New Year!






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