HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

January the 6th, and back at work today. The traffic was horrendous this morning, and there was no heating in the building at work (basement floods).

Despite all the people on the road, there were very few at work – maybe got stuck in traffic and went home? Great start to the year eh?

We had a fabulous break; from Mum (in law) ‘s surprise birthday party on the 21st, through to today. Mum and dad came down to Reading with us from the 21st to the 5th, and Trish took them home yesterday. Christina was here for 10 days, and her and I had a day out in London to see the Star Trek exhibit, and to do a bit of site-seeing (of course). Unfortunately, the latter was done largely in the rain, but then this is England so what could one expect? Christina went back on the 30th, so that she could “party” with her friends. I think she enjoyed her trip. We also had Gerard and Kay (Trish’s brother and his wife) to stay with us on the 2nd of Jan., on their way back to Canada. It was great to see them, even though only for the one night.

New Year’s Eve was our quietest for a long time. Thankfully we had mum and dad here, or we would have been very bored. We had a great meal, that Trish cooked, and then played silly games afterwards. There were lots of fireworks in the neighbourhood at midnight, and the neighbours were out in the street celebrating too; so we did have a bit of a hoot and roar.

Trish’s birthday (2nd Jan) was fairly quiet, as usual – mainly due to the Christmas/NYE hang over again. It was good that Gerard and Kay came though, so once again, we had a chance to lift a few glasses. Trish was quite content with not getting lots of presies this year, due to the expense that we have been through already since arriving in the UK, and the hectic time with the move. Maybe we could move every year just to save me from trying to figure out how to shop again, so soon after the shopping season!?

Well, I am looking forward to spending more time in the UK now, though not to having to spend it on the road!!

Once again, Happy New Year to everyone, and hope to see some of you this year, either here, or on our travels.






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