I made it home safely and have now started school again. I am looking forward to my projects this semester, although it’s going to be very hectic and stressful!

Before all that happens, however, I’m taking advantage of the many snowfalls we’ve had in the past couple of weeks. I have already gone snowboarding once this winter, and I actually got down the hill a couple of times without falling once! I was so proud of myself 🙂 I’m going again this evening, for a discounted evening ride. I hope to get good enough that I can use a few of the hills, instead of just the easiest one, on the York Snowboard Club trip next Friday. We’ll see! 🙂

As for the new photo album – you’ve probably noticed it doesn’t work yet. Sorry about that. I guess I got ahead of myself when emailing everyone to go check it out. I’ll have it working by the end of the day, EST!






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