Thought I had better update this. I have been busy trying to get on top of my e-mail.

We had some cold (-5°C), but sunny weather for a week. That was a lovely change, but we appear to be back with the rain now!!!!

It is starting! I have joined a group at the church that is writing an article for a church-based publication. We are actually reviewing an earlier edition of the mag. Anyway, I have ended up taking notes for the group!!! Also just had a phone call from a cancer charity (there are more than one here) asking if I will collect for them! Guess what I said!!!!

Almost finished unpacking the boxes, now all I need is somewhere to put all the stuff!!!

Dave is building a wardrobe/closet in our bedroom, he is very busy at work right now so only has the w/e to do it. After that there are bookshelves etc.

Hope to start on the bathroom decor soon in the little downstairs bathroom with the shower. Thought I might do a bright, Mexican-type colour scheme. We shall see.

I am off to a candle party tonight, at my neighbour Chris’ place across the street. It is a way to meet people, at least.

I hope to also visit some old friends soon.






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