Today we had a pheasant visit us in the garden, he spent a couple of hours wandering about and eating the bird seed the tiny birds had dropped on the floor. Yes, I got a photo of him. It was beautiful to see one so close.

The sun shone today and I walked up the village. I also had my hair cut by my lovely neighbour. The hairdressers here are VERY expensive compared with Ontario and Quebec, they wanted $35 to cut an inch off my hair, not even wash!!!!!

Last night I was invited to Chris’ house to a candle party, it felt like I was back in Canada!!! It was nice to meet some new people. I also found an Avon Lady through the party, so I am getting into the swing of things!!!!

The builder, who put a bigger shower in for us before Christmas, came today to say he will start work on the garage on Fri. We are having a proper roof put on, and then will have the garage turned into a laundry room and workshop by dividing it in two. It is much too small to house a car, so this way we can get some use out of it.






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