Yesterday we set records with the temperature, it was 14oC here and sunny. Today, the highest it got was 10oC and it is freezing now with a strong north wind finding all the cracks in this house!!!

We have builders here, they took the roof off the garage today and put a new one on. Well they put the wood down and covered it temporarily with felt. They will work on it again tomorrow. It is looking good, the two rooms are already roughed in with walls. He hopes to be finished by Fri. I am looking forward to being able to do my laundry in a decent room where if I drop a wet item on the floor it dosen’t have to be washed again because the floor was filthy concrete.

I cleaned my Hong Kong dinning room furniture and it looks beautiful and is gleaming. It was very dusty after its travels.

Dave is really busy, he is doing a lot of travelling just now keeping up with Sweden and Taiwan, as well as getting to know England, so don’t expect his blog to be updated much until March when things should calm down a little.

We were in contact with some old friends on the w/e. It was lovely to talk with them, we sure do miss them.






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