It seems all my courses are coming to a head this semester. I have so many projects coming up! Next week, the following is due:

1 – A short story about the future, based on current technologies and short stories about the future.

2 – A test on the History of Design (not too difficult).

3 – A brochure displaying the font Futura, using only typography and explaining its past/why you (as a designer) should consider including it in your typographic library. Almost done.

4 – A Flash movie involving a poem by Dr. Seuss, that is abstract and non-linear, using photographic images and is interactive. This is the one that’s going to kill me.

In the meantime I have to help create a group project proposal, and work on the actual project; create a layout using written text about a day in my life (I chose to write about my experience at the World Electronic Music Festival), the first one is to be very plain, and the second is to use text in ways that expressing the emotions and experiences of that day (ie: bold, large letters for something surprising, jumpy letters for something exciting etc.); do readings for two courses; and work on an interactive experience in Director.

Not complaining, just thought I’d tell people how things are going 🙂






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