I couldn’t get into the blogger to update this last night.

Dave and I found some lovely restaurants and on Friday, Valentine’s, we went to a place in the Plaka which had live music and was full of Greeks. The only thing was they kept playing Zorba the Greek every other number, it was quite funny really especially as the Greek family near us kept taking the micky out of it!!!

The one thing I didn’t like was the fact that everyone still smokes and nowhere has no smoking areas. The cigarette companies are still advertising everywhere, on billboards and in magazines and probably on the t.v. too. It has been stopped in Canada but they are still exploiting the poorer countries.

Athens had a Peace March on Saturday just like the rest of the world, and there seemed to be a lot of people involved. We saw them on the underground when they were returning. I hope all this makes a difference.

We didn’t get upgraded on our retun flight but there was a lot of room so we had two seats to ourselves.

Dave is in Plymouth today and over night. He is still really busy, but is slowly getting the hang of it.






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