It has been beautiful weather here these last few days. Although not hot, we have sunshine and wind – just what we need for spring cleaning inside and out.

I have been working in the garden pruning the roses and digging some of the flower beds to get ready for new plants later in the year. The air is different here, I don’t know what it is, it just seems softer. Anyway, it is a pleasure to work outside.

I am also engaged in decorating the shower room. At least I am presently preparing it for decorating, which means stripping wallpaper, filling holes and painting over the ugly tiles. Debbie says I can so am giving it a try.

I really miss the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), I am listening to the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and find it much more judgemental than the CBC. I am talking about radio, and the journalists in particular – they seem to be on one side or the other on the BBC when they are interviewing. The CBC journalists always seemed much more impartial. I was listening to something about taking medication for things like depression and Attention Defecit Disorder, etc. Of course this was considered not British i.e. we really should have more spine and grin and bear it instead of seeking solace in pills. Needless to say I got really angry especially as the person expressing this opinion was representing the Health Service!!!!! No wonder Britain is full of problems at the mo. The BBC reporter seemed to agree that pill taking is for wimps, after all we managed without them in the past. DID WE!!!!!!?? Too angry to continue with this at the mo. More later. Suffice to say that I am sane today because of pills, and I have a spine!!!

Dave is still madly busy, he was in Derby today and is staying with his sister in Castleford, Yorks tonight. He will visit York tomorrow.






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