Sorry about the rant about the BBC. I guess they aren’t so bad.

I am painting now and consequently covered in white oil paint!!! I bought the colours for the walls and tiles this a.m. They are blue, 3 shades and I am hoping it will look Mexican. I am going to do a paint finish on the walls – one where you put the paint on with a rag and it hopefully looks like rough plaster.

Bit unsettled today as I didn’t get in the garden, but I did go to Aqua fit and am starting Pilates (bit like Yoga) on Wed. Also, Lent starts on Wed. and I am going to try and give up chocolate!!!!

World day of Prayer is on Fri. and I am going to represent my church. It is in the morning at the Baptist church in Reading. In Canada it was always Fri. eve.

Dave’s cousin Nick and his girlfriend and her daughter are coming to visit this w/e. Should be nice, we haven’t had any visitors since Christmas.

Dave is out to dinner tonight so I had better go and eat.






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