Figured it was a while since I last wrote. I have been busy decorating the shower room. Still have to finish it off, but it is looking good. Different shades of blue in an attempt to make it look Mexican.

It has been beautiful here the last few days with a frost at night but lovely sunshine all day, with a cool wind. Perfect for me, so I have been busy in the garden. I started to dig the vegetable patch which I think is huge. Anyway, I have covered part of it with a cold frame hoping to warm up the soil so I can plant some peas early. I planted some stalks and I think the birds have found the seeds and are eating them!!! A lot of daffodills have come up and are now open. They look lovely. We also have some green leaves which I think are bluebells, but I will have to wait and see. It is so long since I last saw a bluebell I cannot remember what they look like (the leaves, I mean). Dave and I have both enjoyed the outdoors. It is lovely to be able to sit in the sun and look at our garden while planning what to do next. When the sun shines here it is lovely. Makes me feel really happy.

I made pancakes on Pancake Tuesday and Dave and I stuffed ourselves. I have given up chocolate, I was eating at least a bar a day, haven’t had any since Ash Wednesday, not even a biscuit with choc in it!!!!

Dave’s cousin, Nick and Yvonne and Hannah came to visit the other w/e. It was agood to see them and we had a fun time.

Went to World Day of Prayer. It was hosted by the Baptist church in Reading and was about the women of Lebanon, I enjoyed hearing about Lebanon and I have volunteered to join the committee which plans the day.






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