Shower room is now officially finished with my trademark Roman Blind installed at the window. I think it looks cool – it is done in blues, with a yellow blind made out of one of those Indian scarfs with a fringe and those little mirrors on one edge.

I cannot believe the weather, it has been sunny every day for a week, and before that we had 2 weeks of sun! The day that spoiled it was cloudy, but it was still warm and no rain. Everyone is surprised it was 60 today, it dosen’t usually get this hot in March!!! We have been enjoying it working in the garden. Dave had a day’s holiday yesterday and he worked in the garden all day. Well, we had a pub lunch, but that was only an hour!!!!

All the daffodills are out and looking great; some of the trees are in bloom; we have a beautiful ornamental cherrie in the front yard which has been beautiful. In the back we have a Magnolia in bloom and one about to bloom in the front. Still a lot of trees are bare, more fun to come! Horses have come to the field at the back of us – 5 of them where there over the w/e and Monday. They come right up to the fence for a good look.

War? What war? Yes there is a war going on and I cannot help but comment. No, I do not think we should be fighting in Iraq. Yes, I know Saddam is a nasty piece of work but two wrongs do not make a right. I think George W. could be dangerous to the rest of the world – I think he has his own agenda and it isn’t neccessarily good for the rest of the world. I think the UN should be involved and I don’t like the “Puppet on a String” Prime Minister of Britain. Simply because he is playing a dangerous game which he is likely to loose because he dosen’t have the upper hand. No, George, Democracy isn’t the panacea you would have us all believe, and the Iraqis believe God is on their side too! What happens after the war – who will rule Iraq and how? Who will pay to rebuild after the destruction? Will Americans be willing to put their hands in their pockets continuously, after sanctions the “man in the st Iraqe” hasn’t a red cent to rub together? What about the environment? Yes, it is important, without that who cares who is in charge? We need clean air to breath and fresh water to drink or else we die. These simple truths seem to have escaped “Those who would be King”. God help everyone.






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