On April 1st, nature is playing a cruel joke on us Torontonians. It snowed 1 cm overnight, and as a result, the morning was chaos. I imagine it’s something like when England received that 1 inch of snow a month or two ago, and everything got shut down.

I have no idea why, but traffic was worse than it was even when there were blizzards this past winter! You’d think after a long, cold winter, people would have learned how to drive when it snows by now! Yeesh. Completely ridiculous. What gets me is, my class started 1/2 hour late because no one was here on time b/c of the driving. Even when there were blizzards and the snow was terrible during winter here, that did not happen. No, when there was 1 cm of snow on April 1st, that’s when class began late. *laughs at the irony*






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