We had snow this a.m. just in case you were wondering!!!! Actually it lasted about 5 mins and was very light, but it goes to show how cold it has been. The Magnolia blossom, which was beautiful everywhere, has gone brown because of the frost, boo hoo!

I see the war is coming to an end. No, I still think it was unecessary and a sad loss of life. Where are the weapons of mass destruction? Still think it was about oil. The United Nations needs to be involved directly with organising the new government, after all Saddam was the U.S.’s darling at one time and Britain and France didn’t object to him either. Let us have some rational thought on the next leader. Yes, we will run out of oil – we should be concentrating on finding a substitute or changing our lifestlyles so we can live happily after the oil and gas go, not on trying to gain control of the area which has the last oil resources in the world.

Dave has been in Sweden this week and tomorrow will be in Plymouth. He will update his website one day, promise!!!!

I have been asked to have my feet washed on Holy Thurs. I am really happy because I had my foot (it is only one) washed last year in Canada and this just seems like a great welcome and completing the circle. I have also been asked if I would like to be a reader at Mass, I said yes, although I am a little nervous. The Elocution lessons paid off in the end, Mum!!!

My brother, Gerard, and his wife, Kay, are returning to England yet again. They have sold their Ottawa house and will arrive in Blighty on June 2nd. Hope the weather is nice by then.






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