Geez!!!! It is ages since I was last on here and I see even my husband has updated today!!!!

Must comment on the “war”. Still no bombs of mass destruction! Yes, I know they where supposed to have been “looted”. Just a minute, who wants to run Iraq? Where is the UN? Time for Canada to take over, I think!!!!!!!

Yes, I am appreciative of the “free country” thing, just don’t think they went about the whole Iraqi thing the right way, and they are still not doing it right.

The immediate needs now are health and welfare. The oil should be used to fix up the hospitals and sort out the food situation so that proper nutrition and health checks can take place. I am thinking of the baby that was airlifted to Kuwait and will be on her way to the UK for a heart op. What about all the other Iraqi babies? I say take the help to the country, not the individuals to the help. Come on! Otherwise this regime is no better than the previous one.

On a lighter note, as Dave was saying, we just had a visit from Mike and Christina. It lasted nine nights and ten days and we did loads, as Dave has implied.

One of the highlights was a visit to Stonehenge, near Salisbury in Wiltshire. They have now made it a paying concern where you buy tickets and get a free audio guide (which is very useful) to wander around this strange, ancient group of stones. Actually, there is a path which must be followed so you cannot get too close to the stones any more.

I remember going there in the ’70’s when it was free and you could wander all over the stones. They stopped that because people where taking “souvenirs” (i.e. bits of the stones) and scrawling all over what was left.

The Audio Guide tells you all about what they think the stones where put there for (they’re even more ancient than the Druids, apparently), and all about stories connected with them. All in all, a very interesting visit. The rain and myst only added to the mystery surrounding this whole area. We all enjoyed it.






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