Things are going quite well at work. Have more and more to do as time goes on (a good thing!). I’m taking a summer school class (Information Design 1) so I’ll have to take less next year… it’s almost over, too, and summer’s barely begun! That’s also a good thing…

I like this course, it’s good because we only have one project (that’s because it’s only 6 weeks long) so everything we do goes into that project, and we can’t really procrastinate too much. I can’t really take more than 1 at a time though, because I have to work. I was considering taking 2 summer school classes next summer (one each “semester” – semester 1 is May-June, and semester 2 is July-August. Sounds like a joke, eh?) but I really need some time off… to just relax and NOT have to worry about homework. I’m so glad I’ve got July-August for that this year (and the last half of June, since I don’t have any exams)!






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