Oops! Done it again. I guess I am busy!!!

That war again. Need I comment really? Where is Saddam’s body? Who is controlling the oil? Who is running Iraq? Who is helping the Iraqis? Enough said.

Much has happened since Christina’s visit. May in the garden was lovely. Although we had lots of rain, things really began to grow.

Dave enjoyed his birthday. I took him shopping because he forgot his worms when he went fishing. The next day he tried to go fishing but found out the fishing season here dosen’t begin until June 16th, which spoiled his birthday fun!

Our anniversay was spent at Bosworth Hall (a hotel, now) where we helped celebrate a friend’s 60th birthday. It was a lovely evening, getting together with lots of family (Dave’s), some we hadn’t seen in years. Beautiful setting near Bosworth Field – the site in, 1485, of the death of King Richard the III, putting an end to the Wars of the Roses.

Dave and I enjoyed our walk around the battle field. It is now mainly a field with an information area at one side. The Wars of the Roses, simply put, were fought between the counties of Lancashire (my county) and Yorkshire (Dave’s county), hence our interest! We had a peacful weekend!

After this weekend I went on to Mum and Dad’s to stay for a few days. It was a holiday w/e here in England. I helped finish off the stairs which mum had almost completed painting!!! Also helped look after my sister Bernadette’s zoo!!!! (My sister and family were away on a football camping trip to Holland for a week.) The animals were: a guinniepig; a hamster; a fish; and a dog called Lucky (a Jack Russel type, very lively, I took him for long walks and enjoyed it very much).

When Berndette and family returned, I brought David, the youngest member at eight, back to stay in Reading for a week as he had an extra week off school and Berndaette had to go back to work. More on this later.






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