I got through school all right! It’s over! Yay!!

Now I can enjoy my summer, and clean the house. I started by dusting yesterday! It was really gross. I have to do the upstairs next (computer room and my bedroom, oh and the bathroom shelves are thick with dust too).

I feel like I have a cold. No, it’s not SARS! I’ve had this for about a week, so if it was that I’d be seriously ill by now. I’m sneezing a lot and my nose is bothering me… wonder if it’s allergies? That would really suck. I’ve never really had allergies before.

Mike and I went to Ikea yesterday. There’s so many nice things there! I’d love to have an “Ikea home”. Hehehe 🙂

Oh yes, we had some Habberjams from New Zealand contact us! *waves hi to the NZ Habberjams!!* It’s so neat! I was wondering if other Habberjams would find this site and contact us through it 🙂 All so very exciting 🙂

Anyway, I must be off! I’ve got plenty to do, including finishing my trip log to England and posting photos, and re-designing the Habberjams website.

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