David’s visit:

We had a great time! He is a lovely kid, very loving and giving. He plays well on his own, too.

We had to go pick Gerard and Kay up from Heathrow on Tues. They stayed untill Fri and on Wed morning they took David swimming while I did a Pilates class. Gerard was impressed by David’s enthusiasm and energy. Gerard and Kay both swim and run a lot, to keep fit, and Gerard is into running in Marathons and Triathlons.

I took David to Lego Land on the Thurs and was suitably impressed. Although expensive, it is very well run and clean; the nearest I have seen, so far, to the Disney way of running things. Kerry Habberjam, Dave’s cousin, arrived in the evening so we had a party and a good time was had by all. We took David back up home on the Sun and met my sister near Birmingham, then we dropped Kerry off in Birmingham train station and came back home.

Since then, I have been cleaning and preparing for my trip to the USA for Bernadette and Joseph’s Golden wedding aniversary which takes place on July 4th. I am flying out on June 26th until July 8th. Will report back after the trip.






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