The hot hot summer is rolling on here, and all without air conditioning! It is getting to the point here where we are considering investing in something called the portable AC unit – sounds interesting, though I don’t think it’s the personal, backpack type yet? Shouldn’t complain though, as this appears to be likely one of the sunniest summers on record (our last experience like that here was in 1976, but I understand we missed a few of these while we were in Canada).

The girls all had a great time in Seattle (Christina, Trish and her mum) visiting the relatives for the 50th wedding anniversary. I was busy while they were away with a few jobs around the house. We now have an 8 x x 10 deck off the back of the house – needed for the Cdn patio set – and the Chandelier from Canada is finally hung in the living room. I usually have to undo things that I do while Trish is away, but this time I managed to perform OK, I think. Except of course “. . . . is that all you did . . ?”

It’s nice to have people in the house again though, I must admit that I was almost starting to miss the mem’sahib.

Work has continued to be overwhelming, with all the turmoil at Network Rail. We are still hoping to retain some of our business with them, but there are no guarantees in the current climate on the railways here. Workwise things will ease up a bit for the next couple of months now as the summer period is starting here, and everyone gets lots of time off, this being Europe. Once the summer is over we have about 4 months of work left on the UK projects and then we will need the new orders that the sales people are desperately trying to find. Ah well, I still have my big Taiwan contract and we have a new order in Romania just kicked off to keep me occupied. If that doesn’t do it I will have to help the sales force out eh?

I haven’t made much progress with the inside of the house since the early spring. It is amazing how much time the garden consumes. It is nice to be outside though, and the garden itself still never ceases to amaze. We are continuing to find things out there that are new to us, and of course, adding to it in our own way. We have a fabulous crop of sweet peas at present; all that we grew ourselves from seed (proud gardener talking). I finally managed to get the Hammocks (bought in Mexico when on hols from Canada) hung. The only thing now is to find time to lay in them.

Gotta go now – just had a few minutes before I buzz off to the airport for a trip to Greece to see my team out there.






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