Mum and I arrived back from Seattle on 9th July and it has taken me until now to get sorted out.

Mum and dad arrived on 23rd June because we wanted to have some time for mum to rest before the 9hr flight to Seattle. Dad brought her down and we went around the area on Tues. Dad went back on the 26th, the same day as mum and I flew to Seattle. We had to get a taxi to Heathrow as Dave was busy in meetings all day.

Our flight was great, we had World Traveller Plus seats which meant more leg room, and when we checked in we were upgraded to business class! This was brilliant as they have these bed seats on British Airways, so comfortable! Also had wonderful service and food. We were spoilt for the journey out there! It was doubly appreciated because I had an hour and a half drive once we hit Seattle.

After keeping mum’s visit secret for months, I inadvertantly let it slip when I phoned Bernadette from the Airport and promptly informed her “Mum is in the toilet”. “She is?” Was the incredulus reply. *&%#$”$**, I thought and said something like “Shit”. So the secret was out. Didn’t stop us having fun though. More on this later.






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