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We had a wonderful welcome when we got to Bernadette and Joseph’s house in Port Orchard. My cousins were already there: Therese, Eric, Bryan and of course Christine.

Because they had such a house full, mum and I stayed in the town of Port Orchard at a Holiday Inn Express. This was a great experience, we had a view from the veranda of the mountains and Sound. It was delightful to start everyday with this vista. The staff were great and made our stay very pleasant.

The weather the whole time we were there was lovely, mostly warm and sunny with the odd hummid day and hardly any rain.

Christina should have arrived on the Fri. eve. but couldn’t get a seat on the plane. She was flying with Air Canada and right now we are not too happy with that airline because of the way things were handled. C. arrived instead on Sat. eve., really cutting short her stay. However I was able to go pick her up all on my own (thought I was very clever getting there and back with no mishaps, including not getting lost!!!). It was great to see her again and we had a great time with her for the few days she stayed.

The dinner celebration was on the Sunday afternoon at a private room in Red Lobster restaurant. Including the family, there were about 30 people to help celebrate. It was a lovely meal and some great gifts including a beautiful photo album Therese had made of their 50 years together. It certainly made Joseph and Christina cry, if no one else! I met Darel, Andrew’s 17 yr. old son, a lovely boy, and also Charlotte, Andrew’s girlfriend, who is also a professional photographer and a really nice person.

We then went back to B. and J.’s house where Charlotte helped us take photos in the delightful garden. Some lovely memories were made that day, and I know everyone there enjoyed themselves.






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