More about Seattle…… On the Mon we all went over to cousin Andrew’s house to visit with him, it is a great old house which he has done up really nicely, we just hung out with everyone. Charlotte, very kindly, took us around to her place which is a converted church, it is spectacular inside, with an open plan living kitchen area, an upstairs open loft, which is her room mates bedroom, underneath this is another bedroom and bath. Charlotte uses the living area as her photo studio for now, she takes some wonderful shots, especially of babies and toddlers.

On Tues., early, Christina had to leave. I took her to the airport bus because traffic would have been bad for me to drive her. It was sad to see her go.

We then went off to Mount St. Helens. That was Awesome! I was compleatly fascinated by the whole place. You can drive quite far up to it and on the way stop for information. I was surprised how interested I was in it. I remember it erupting in 1980, but not too much about it. They have left a large area around the volcano to repair itself and so far it is making good progress, lots of wild flowers, some little trees and lots of animals, including elk, which are just begining to return. A very full and interesting day.

The we went to Victoria, B.C. More later.






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