Victoria, B.C.

What a beautiful city! We took the boat across from somewhere in Washington! It was about an hour and you dock right in downtown Victoria. Joseph and bernadette had booked us into a wonderful hotel, with views over the harbour, we had a suite as their were 7 of us. Bernadette, Joseph, Therse, Christine, Mum, me and Bryan. Eric had gone to Andrew’s and then they went hiking.

We looked around the town and then ended up at the Empress Hotel for afternoon tea, a spectacular meal, even better then you get in England!!! After a few hitches, we discovered we could be served tea in the Bengal room, a bar done out as though it was in old India under the British Raj, all dark wood and tiger skins. A really lovely setting, we all enjoyed the tea.

After that some went back to the room and some went shopping!!! Later we congragated on the balcony for some wine and talk while Mum and Berndette stayed talking in the living room, we where laughing at how alike their mannerisms are.

The next day we split up to go shopping and I found a wonderful fabric shop and market area, could have stayed longer. I felt compleatly at home in Victoria everyone was friendly. We returned home that evening, tired but happy.






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