On Friday the 4th July it was Bernadette and Joseph’s official 50th Wedding Anniversay. We rose early and made our way to their house where we picked up Christine and Brian on our way to the church in the town of Bremerton where B. and J. where having a blessing during the daily mass. It was lovely to witness and lots of friends where on hand to congratulate the happy pair.

While Bernadette and Joseph and Mum went for breakfast, Christine, Therese, Bryan, Eric and I went to get the ferry to seattle where we split up and Therese, Brian and I went around Pike’s Place Market while Christine and Eric went off to spend some time together.

We returned later in the afternoon and then the five of us went for a great Chinese buffett before we all met up in our hotel room which overlooked the Peugot Sound. A barge was situated there where they let off a fine display of fireworks later in the eve. It was a chance to relaxe and chat to each other, we sat on the balcony to watch the fireworks. After they where over we got B. and J. to tell us some stories of their long and eventfull life together with Christine and Therese chipping in now and then. Altogether a lovely day.






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