Today I got back from the 2003 World Electronic Music Festival. Mike, his friend Ryan, and I had a great time partying there. It was in a place called Tweed, Ontario (near Belleville) at Trudeau’s Park. The venue was really crappy, and all the DJs played inside in this little cabin with no air conditioning, that couldn’t hold 1/4 of the people that were at the park. We had a good time seeing the DJs play that we were able to (mainly Fri. night and during the day on Sat.). We’re all very tired and sore from dancing though.

The music was totally fantabulous. I just want to search out all the playlists the DJs used so I can download all the music and listen to it again. Really great. Mike and I have decided we need to go to more parties, because it’s just too much fun.

Sat. night they played a video of WEMF 2001, and the message was very clear: don’t do drugs, but if you’re going to do them, only take a little bit. They had this one older guy talk for most of it, going on about the original rave scene and how drugs are such a “fad” thing now and that people under 20 should go easy on them and probably wait until they’re more comfortable with themselves.

It was a really good message, and at the end it had some quote saying something about you can only be an individual if you’re comfortable with yourself, and you’ll only find peace from within – drugs are a false peace (so many ravers are lost and believe that drugs are what raving is all about). We (Mike, Ryan, I and some other people on the stage who seemed like clear-minded people like us) all clapped and hollered when we saw that quote. Mike bought the VCD (it was $5), so when I see the quote again I’ll post it up here because it puts into words how I feel about the rave scene.

Anyway, must be off! Need to catch up on sleep if possible!






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