Mum stayed with me for a few days on our return to England, it took us a while to get back into line time wise. On the Fri eve we went to see an outdoor production of “The Merchant of Venice” performed by Illium (I think) players at one of the local schools. It was really rather good, their were only 5or 6 players and they did a wonderful job. we took a picnic and chairs and had a good time. On Sat we drove Mum up to a services on the M6 by Birmingham where Dad was waiting to pick her up.

The garden was calling and, Oh Boy, did it need some weeding, we continue to enjoy its beauty and tranquility, one of the things I am really enjoying about England.

Gerard and Kay got in touch and asked us to go visit them in their rented flat in Shaldon, Devon. We went down the other w/e and had an excelent time, it is a lovely seaside village across the estuary from Teignmouth, they have a first floor flat above the Spar shop. It is an old converted house and all the floors are uneven but it has loads of atmosphere. Gerard is enjoying his job and goes on a course next week. Kay may stay with me while he is away. They have been looking for houses and will probably live somewhere more inland as the coast is way too expensive. They have been very lucky so far let us hope it continues.

Dave went to Taiwan last fri. and returns this Sat. early. He says it is very, very hot and they all want hime back on the job over there.






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