Today I woke up at 8am to find it was a little cooler and overcast, “hurray!”. I thought, it will be cool, I can get something done. Well, the sun has come out now, 11am, but it is cooler than it has been. Still feels like living in Montreal, 20 years ago!!!! Roll on, winter! I am definitely not a summer person. However, yesterday I picked and ate a ripe fig off our fig tree, and there are more where that came from. Lovely and warm it was, and juicy, mmm. Poor roses don’t like it though, they bud and open and die in 2 days.

I am waging a loosing battle with spiders and their webs! Never seen so much activity from these arachnids before, no sooner do I attack them with the extending brush, than they are back again! Now I understand Robert the Bruce’s resolve. However it gets very tedious explaining to visitors why we have copius cobwebs all over the house. No, I was not put on this earth to spend my days destroying spiders’ designer weaving. The ones outside are especially beautiful when covered in dew.

More later.






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