O.K. Daniel did not come in the end, he went straight home from his friend’s house. I was very grateful to Sandra and apologised profusely, Sandra was nice about it but I still feel mean. hope they can come another time.

I cleaned and missed Dave, he was in Brampton, Canada visiting Christina (read their blogs for info on this). Then on Fri 15th August I went up north to Knott End and stayed with Mum for the w/e. We had a BBQ round at Graham’s; Bernadette’s boyfriend. Mum came to that, I had arranged it and provided the food, G.&B. cooked and hosted. My dad went to Arnside so wasn’t able to come. Arnside is a holiday place where, seniors go for themed weeks and dad hosts them.

I brought David back with me on Monday 18th, where has the time gone? On Tues I took him to The Living Rainforest www.livingrainforest.org which is near Newberry, we had fun especially with the monkeys and the aligator: David was fascinated by the giant lilly pads, which incidentally, influenced the architect of the Crystal Palace by their structure.

We had to pick Dave up from Heathrow in the eve., he should have arrived at 9:15p.m. but in the end it was 11:30pm when he landed, a late night for David, but he gave Dave a BIG hug when he came through which cheered Dave up as he was sad at having left Chrisitna.

More Later.






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