On Wed. we had to go shopping for food and some toys! David promised to do work for me to pay for them!

Thurs. we washed the car. David is very good at this, and certainly earned his toys!!! Dave’s cousin, Nick, Nick’s girlfriend, Yvonne, and her daugther, Hana, arrived Thurs. at tea time. David was thrilled, as he had been awaiting Hana’s arrival. They seemed to get on well and played together most of the time. Hana loves to read and some of this rubbed off on David. We had a good time with Nick, Yvonne and Hana. They stayed until Mon. 25th Aug., which was a bank holiday here in England.

On Fri. Yvonne and Nick had offered to build Dave a gate in the back fence so off we toddled to get the supplies needed to complete this task. While I was busy preparing food for a BBQ, and the others were busy building the gate, David and Hana became experts at using the electric screw driver. By the end of the day we had a wonderful new gate, thanks guys.

Dave had had a very stressful week, so he was glad to get home and relax. More on this later.






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