More about our holiday w/e. On Sat we went into Basingstoke to a swimming place which was great fun, it had lots of slides and a lazy river that you swam in, it had a currant which gently pushed you around in a windy stream. It was indoors. On our return Nick disovered he had a puncture, Yvonne borrowed a tyre from our neighbours opposite and they were able to go to the shop, they found out where there was a place that would repair the tyre on Sunday.

In the evening we had another BBQ.

Sunday, Hana, David, Dave and myself went to the local country fair, it was good fun with rides and horse jumping, ferret racing and plant competions as well as lots of craft stalls, food places and a beer tent. The kids had fun as did the adults!

Nick and Yvonne went into Reading and visited Yvonnes sister.

On Monday, Nick and Yvonne and Hana went home and we took David to see “Pirates of the Caribbean”, a great movie which we all enjoyed.

Tues. Dave returned to work and I took David up to Hilton Services where Dad picked him up and took him home.

The rest of the week I spent cleaning, gardeningand preparing for my visit to my mum’s next week.

On Sunday Dave went to Sweden and on Monday I went to Knott End.






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