Driving to Knott End was uneventful and only took 5hrs. including 2 stops and an accident.

I went home because mum was supposed to be having a bunnion operation on Tues 2nd Sept. But it turned out to just be a consultation with the surgen about what is involved. Now we know all about it the op will probably take place some time early next year. Mum has another appointment in Jan.

As I wasn’t nursing an invalid, we went round Fleetwood shopping, something I haven’t done in years, in the end I knew where I was but, boy, has it changed!

On Wed. I had decided that I wanted to try and see Matthew, Bernadette’s oldest. It seemed he was working at the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool but we weren’t sure where and we didn’t know if he was still there. Mum wanted to see him too. We asked in the first restaurant on the ‘Beach and they where helpful and told us he worked at the other restaurant as we were walking up to the front door Matthew came out, he was just opening up. It was great to see him and he seemed pleased to see us. He looks well and is doing ok at work, he puts in a lot of hours and seems to be saving. He has a girlfriend called Sam and everyone he works with seem to be looking out for him. His boss has told him he should go back to school!!!

I got his add and hope to keep in touch.

After this Mum and I went food shopping in St. Annes. I am cooking a meal for the Dansons and Bradleys tomorrow.






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