Third year in design has begun. The first week went… well, just went. I was late for two classes because the double cohort has increased traffic along the road I take to school tenfold, plus there’s construction. Now a journey that should take 20-35 minutes, takes an hour or more. There’s no more direct route, and any other roads I could take to the school would be just as busy and/or would only lead me to the busiest part of the main road, which I would then still have to go through.

In any case, my classes went well. I only have one bad prof – the one I had last year that I hated. But he’s not for any practical courses, he’s for my lecture, so it may not be so bad. His attitude and ego still grate on my nerves, but at least he won’t be directly critiquing most of my work. Yes, we have assignemnts, but writing a paper is a lot easier than designing a vaguely defined, interactive poem in a program I’ve just learned (like we had to do last year).

I’m excited for my other classes, however. We get to design our own font, make a website for a historical art/gallery community in downtown TO that’s just getting on its feet, and a whole “campaign” of brochures about an issue we’ve chosen (I chose to do Genetically Modified Organisms because I know I can use nice colours in the designs for it, unlike I would be able to with Sweatshops, which was my first choice).






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