No I didn’t forget it was Sept. 11th. I remembered all those people, in Philadelphia, Washington, DC as well as NY. I still think the war in Iraq was unnecessary.

I cooked the meal for Bernadette, Graham and their families. It was roast lamb and everyone loved it. Mind you, it was a bit chaotic with all those kids, but fun. After the meal, Bernadette, Graham and I chilled out and caught up on stuff.

Earlier in the day I helped Mum take up the stair carpet which has been down since 1972 or so. It was foam-backed and this had disintegrated, causing a horrid black dust to envelope everything when we pulled the carpet up – Heaven knows what it did to our lungs!!!

Fri. I drove back home. Nice to see Dave again. Spent Sat. in the garden and on Sun., Dave and I went on a 3 1/2 mile walk in one of the neighbouring villages. It was organised by the WI I belong to. After the walk, we went back to one of the members’ houses for a Cream Tea, wonderful. Dave enjoyed the time off too.

Nothing much happened last week. I cleaned, mostly, and Dave put linoleum tiles down in my laundry room.

It is still very dry here and the garden is like a rock, very hard to dig. Spent yesterday planting a tree my Mum gave me and moving other plants around.

Averill, a friend who lives in Portugal, is coming to stay for a few days on Mon.






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